Total Supplier Manager: Vendor Management Software

Vendor management shouldn’t take over your life. Take control with Total Supplier Manager. See how.

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Total Supplier Manager: Vendor Management Software

Juggling phone calls and paperwork from your suppliers is all in a day's work, right? Truth is, your manual vendor management process is costing you more than precious time. It's costing your organization money – more than $1,000 per supplier per year. Total Supplier Manager automates supplier management from discovery and information gathering through registration, qualification and selection, to risk and performance management.

Total Supplier Manager transforms your vendor management process through:

  • Web-based, centralized repository
  • Formalized supplier vetting and performance management processes
  • Automated communications and supplier self-service on-boarding
  • Auto-alerting for expirations or renewals to supplier documentation
  • 2nd tier diversity spend reporting
  • ERP integration
  • A clear and simple-to-navigate user interface

With Total Supplier Manager you can more effectively manage supplier spending and streamline costly processes. In other words, your supplier management process will work for you – not the other way around.

Achieve Cross Functional Vendor Management Efficiencies

Supplier information holds importance across the organization, not just for those directly managing the supply chain or supplier-related programs. Departments in the areas of Operation and Accounting also rely on supplier information to conduct their daily tasks. Total Supplier Manager helps your organization achieve cohesiveness and cross-functional efficiencies.

  • Contact Information
  • Supplier Goods & Services
  • Cost of Goods & Services
  • Cost Performance
  • Diversity Classifications
  • Diversity Classifications & Expirations
  • 2nd Tier Supplier Spend
  • Contact Information
  • Supplier Goods & Services
  • Operational Certifications & Expirations
  • Quality Performance
  • Employee Skills & Qualifications
  • Delivery Performance
  • Capacity
  • Production Operations Information
  • Contact Information
  • Credit rating
  • Financial Stability
  • Insurance Certifications & Expirations
  • EFT Forms
  • Banking & Payment Information
  • W8/9s & Tak Forms