Total Contract Manager: Contract Management Software

With Total Contract Manager, efficiency and value are in. Volatility and risk are out. It’s contract lifecycle management software that works for you.

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Total Contract Manager: Contract Management Software

Whether your goal is to standardize your contract approval process, manage individual obligation line items, or search for best-of-breed authoring features, Total Contract Manager is the end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management solution you need.

Built around a centralized cloud repository, Total Contract Manager keeps every stakeholder in your organization involved in the approval and management of relevant contracts and obligations.

"We believe Contract Director is bringing significant value to Eastman Chemical Company. It is helping us make sure we sustain agreements we don't want to terminate, or helping us review agreements that we may not be as happy with that we would like to terminate, and understanding what the performance of those contracts is looking like as well. Is the customer really buying as much as we understood that they were going to buy? And if they are not, is somebody checking it to understand why is that happening."

- Robert Smith, Corporate Pricing
Eastman Chemical

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From Sales Managers to top Legal executives, our contract management software, TCM, delivers powerful benefits:

  • Streamline contract management through better collaboration from authoring to approval, and improve compliance by storing all contracts in a single central repository.
  • Minimize authoring times with dynamic contract generation and a library of standard template for full contracts, clauses and individual obligations.
  • Eliminate risk of errors and missed obligations with a single point of information about all contract terms and conditions.
  • Get real-time updates through Contract Performance, Compliance and Expiration dashboards.

With full obligation lifecycle management, authoring with a native MS Word Office App, a configurable library of smart templates, integration, and real-time contract management dashboards, TCM is the Contract Lifecycle Management solution for today and tomorrow.

Take an Incremental Approach When Rolling Out Contract Management Software

Manage the Full Contract Lifecycle

CLM, by definition, is about managing the lifecycle of your contract - from initiation through approval and execution. But it doesn’t end there. contract lifecycle management also includes post contract management activities like measuring performance of the contract and alerting the appropriate people for expirations and renewals, as well as the ability to search and find any contract at any time for any reason and to report on all aspects of your contracts.