Supplier Network

Access and ease for buyers. Exposure and efficiency for suppliers. Our supplier network is at the heart of all we do.

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Supplier Network

Making it easy for customers and suppliers to work together is core to what we do. SciQuest's Supplier Network gives our customers access to a broad and constantly growing network of suppliers in one centralized, global hub.

"SciQuest’s supplier enablement is fast, accurate and easy. SciQuest fully enabled our top 15 suppliers in 45 business days, increasing supplier visibility to our users, and raising adoption by 10 percent almost immediately."

- Jerry Fuller, Assistant Vice President for Procurement
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

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The Supplier Network makes doing business easier for both buyers and suppliers:


  • Access to 500,000 suppliers and growing
  • Discover and connect with SciQuest suppliers from a single location
  • Self-service supplier portal
  • SciQuest supplier support services
  • Eliminate email communication


  • Exposure to over a million procurement and sourcing professionals
  • Connect with buyers from a single location
  • Create invoices on the fly
  • Real time visibility into POs, invoices and payments
  • Dedicated Supplier Integrations and Support teams

The best part? It's a completely free network with no transaction-based or access fees.

Supplier Network

Connecting Buyers and Suppliers

The SciQuest Supplier Network is the hub where our buyers and suppliers connect. Our network boasts a widespread supplier base that can support any industry or commodity, accessed through a single venue for customer-supplier interaction, vendor discovery, supplier profile maintenance, and supplier catalog management.