Spend Radar: Spend Analysis Software

Opportunities to save are hiding in plain sight at each stage in your procurement process. Find them with our spend analysis software, Spend Radar. See how.

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Spend Radar: Spend Analysis Software

With our spend analysis software, Spend Radar, your organization can save money and gain efficiency by putting real-time data and analytics to work at every stage in the source-to-settle process. We add value from “go” by taking spend data from any source, in any format and quickly turning it into a cleansed, classified powerhouse of information and insight.

With our spend analysis software, Spend Radar, you can expect:

  • An easy-to-use visual reporting and spend analysis module
  • Instant access anytime, anywhere from any device
  • Consolidated, categorized spend in one language

When you can visualize all your data you can make better sourcing and supplier decisions. For example: Do you have too many suppliers? Do you really know which suppliers you are spending the most with? Are your top suppliers compliant with your organizational standards and relevant regulations? Getting the answers begins with really seeing your data. After all: you can’t save what you can’t see.

Discover The Next-Generation of Spend Analysis

Spend Radar is designed with a flexible, customer-driven data model that can process any kind of data to provide unmatched analysis across all spend data sources. It is easier than ever to get high-quality, high volume data in days, not weeks or months.

Spend Radar