Sourcing Director: Strategic Sourcing Software

Save time and money by automating your sourcing events. See how Sourcing Director takes tedious processes out of your way.

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Sourcing Director: Strategic Sourcing Software

Manually handling your organization’s strategic sourcing events could be costing you more than time and aggravation. Research shows organizations that automate their sourcing efforts save an average of 16 percent. Sourcing Director helps you create events, manage bids and award contracts automatically, reducing the length of routine bidding events by more than half.

Our strategic sourcing software, Sourcing Director, puts you on the path toward efficiency and savings with:

  • An intuitive wizard-driven interface
  • Configurable workflows, RFx templates, and content libraries
  • Easy analysis via auto scoring for supplier questionnaires
  • Self-service access for suppliers
  • Seamless integration with other SciQuest solutions

Can you afford to leave 16 percent savings on the table? Let Sourcing Director unleash your strategic sourcing and savings potential.

Sourcing Director - Strategic Soucring Software

Automate the Bid Process From Start to Finish

Sourcing Director can help you automate the process of creating, managing and awarding a sourcing event, reducing the time required to conduct routine bidding events by more than half. And the automation spans the entire event cycle, with the largest time reductions delivered in the most manual, data intensive steps.