Advanced Sourcing Optimizer: Global Sourcing Software

For complex, global sourcing events, price is often only one factor. See how Advanced Sourcing Optimizer makes quick work of gathering and analyzing unlimited price and non-price data points.

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Advanced Sourcing Optimizer: Global Sourcing Software

The irony of large, data-intense, global sourcing events is that the teams charged with managing them often abandon their strategic sourcing software precisely when software could be most helpful. Why? Because when your global sourcing tool is not up to the task, an old-school manual spreadsheet often seems like a better option. Allow us to offer a better solution: Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO). The only global sourcing solution with built-in bidding enhancements, scenario builders and complex item consolidation. Advanced Sourcing Optimizer is the heavyweight solution you need to make quick work of your largest, most complex sourcing events.

"The decision to trust SciQuest to support our e-sourcing process is one of the better ones we’ve made. The results, which we saw almost immediately, have been remarkable. Most technology implementations start simply and grow increasingly complex – but we turned to SciQuest first to manage the most complex sourcing events in our supply chain. They’ve delivered at every step of the way, to the benefit of Wendy’s and its franchise system."

- David Kourie, EVP of Purchasing
Wendy's Quality Supply Chain Co-op, Inc.

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With Advanced Sourcing Optimizer Global Sourcing Software you can:

  • Use our unique Expressive Bidding® System to gather additional critical information from bidders such as technology advancements and upcoming regulatory changes.
  • Make quick comparisons of different decision scenarios and scoring algorithms with the patented Scenario Builder.
  • Simplify multi-item, multi-location bids by consolidating thousands of line items into a single bid

Advanced Sourcing Optimizer allows you to take pricing, risk factors and/or any other data element into account so that you can make the best decision possible. Does your current solution deliver that kind of confidence?

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Explore The Industry's Most Powerful Global Sourcing Optimization Engine

With ASO, global sourcing teams can collect an unlimited amount of price and non-price information from suppliers. Scenario Analysis applies an unlimited number of real-world constraints, stakeholder preferences, and business rules simultaneously to find the optimal global sourcing award to support your strategy.