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Value Beyond Savings. See what It Can Mean to You.

Value can leak out of your organization any number of ways. eProcurement process inefficiencies. Contract compliance breakdowns. Blind Spots. Redundancies. The steady drip through cracks in your eProcurement processes and systems can add up to millions of dollars. Who can afford that?

But just as savings can leak out of your organization through dozens – if not hundreds – of cracks, using the right technology can help you not only capture those savings but also uncover additional value at those same points. That's what we mean by "Value Beyond Savings."

Our spend management and eProcurement solutions make it easier than you might expect.

Spend Analytics

Don’t spend time manually looking through your data for patterns, gaps, and inconsistencies, let us do that for you. We can help you transform your data into a powerhouse of information and insight. With spend analytics, you will gain visibility and efficiency by putting your real-time data and analytics to work.


A robust sourcing solution helps you create events, manage bids and award contracts. We take this a step further – it should also cut routine bidding cycle time in half, identify the right suppliers to support your business goals, and put you on a path toward efficiency and savings.

Sourcing Director

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Advanced Sourcing Optimizer

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Supplier Management

To reach your goals, you’ll need an “A-team” of suppliers. If you’re still using a manual process for supplier onboarding and management, you may not know which suppliers will fulfill your business needs. Automating your supplier management process can effectively and efficiently manage supplier spending and streamline costly processes – saving you time and money.

Total Supplier Manager

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Whether you simply need a fully searchable archive of your executed contracts or a solution for full authoring and automated workflows, our contract lifecycle management solutions can solve your organizations needs today and tomorrow.


You need a procurement system that delivers value beyond savings. We can help. From a simple shopping marketplace to complex requisition management, eProcurement is your organizations epicenter for driving contract compliance, reducing spend and boosting efficiency.

Inventory Management

How reliable is your manual process when it comes to tracking chemicals or lab supplies? Our inventory management solutions can help find, source, and track your lab materials, all while promoting compliance and managing risk associated with hazardous materials.

Enterprise Reagent Manager

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Accounts Payable

Best-in-class accounts payable organizations have reduced their costs to $4 or less per invoice by leveraging the right technology. Do you know what your process is costing you?

Accounts Payable Director

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Supplier Network

Searching and vetting new suppliers is an arduous process. Our Supplier Network gives you instant access to a constantly growing network of suppliers in one, centralized, global location – so you can spend less time searching and more time saving.

Savings Management

Most organizations could be doing a better job evaluating and prioritizing savings ideas, getting buy-in, tracking implementation, and measuring progress against targets. That’s why we created Portfolio Savings Manager. See what this 4-in-1 savings management tool can do for you.

Portfolio Savings Manager

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