Making P2P Technology Work for You
A SciQuest Network Benchmark Report

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As an experienced procurement professional you are aware that many technology solutions promise to make your procurement processes more efficient while helping you save money and time. But how do you know if the system you ultimately purchase and implement is delivering on those promises?

In SciQuest’s Making P2P Technology Work for You: A SciQuest Network Benchmark Report we have examined this question across our user base to find out how well our products are supporting procurement processes.  Beyond our customer-driven data, we also included results from industry analysts for comparison, as well as suggestions for readers on how they can work towards meeting or exceeding the results presented in this report. All of this serves to help you better assess where your organization stands in comparison to peers and/or competitors. Knowing where you stand is a critical first step before attempting to map out a strategy for growth and improvement.

So, do you know where you stand?