Chemical Inventory Management Software: Enterprise Reagent Manager
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SciQuest's chemical inventory management software, Enterprise Reagent Manager (ERM), is the industry-leading material management and procurement tool for chemical reagents, building blocks and other materials used in the research process.

ERM's chemical inventory management functionality allows scientific staff throughout the organization to find, source and track commercial and proprietary chemicals, reagents and lab supplies from a single application. ERM is integrated with leading third-party resellers like eMolecules to facilitate procurement and tracking. ERM also optimizes inventory use and promotes regulatory compliance, reducing spend and waste, while managing the risks associated with hazardous materials.

Here's how Enterprise Reagent Manager makes chemical inventory management easy:

  • Integrates with procurement systems to promote compliance and manage risk
  • Single search spans internal inventory, libraries, commercial databases, supplier catalogs, and negotiated preferred pricing
  • Orders are automatically routed for review/approval and transmitted to suppliers
  • Available on-premise or hosted/single-tenant SaaS