Your Challenge: Effectively Managing and Tracking Savings Initiatives

Complete Visibility, Accountability, and Buy-In For Your Savings Initiatives

Is there an organization today that isn’t trying to meet a savings initiative target? We’re not aware of one. Of the thousands of organizations trying to evaluate and prioritize savings initiatives, get buy-in, track implementation and measure progress, most (if not all) could be doing a better job.

That’s why we created Portfolio Savings Manager (PSM).

Portfolio Savings Manager is our savings management solution. It gives you unprecedented visibility into your savings initiatives so you can validate procurement accomplishments and communicate results. From buyers to the CEO, anyone in your organization can forecast, schedule, and track savings initiative progress towards tactical and strategic goals.

Portfolio Savings Manager is the first cloud-based savings management solution that integrates project forecasting, initiative approval workflows and real-time savings initiative tracking all in one solution.

Here are some of the savings initiative benefits you receive with PSM:

  • Cloud-based repository provides single source of truth for your entire team
  • Side-by-side savings initiative and project comparisons
  • Configurable approval process to match existing processes
  • Real-time and historical views into individual savings initiative performance

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All-In-One Project, Workflow, and Savings Initiative Tracking

All-In-One Project Workflow and Savings Tracking

Project Management

  • Project tracking
  • Workflow assignments
  • Task reporting

Savings Tracking

  • Forecasts
  • Budget
  • Actuals vs. forecast

Workflow Management

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Initiative prioritization
  • Approval process