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Total Supplier Manager

Automated, Full Lifecycle Supplier Information Management

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Supplier management begins with vendor discovery before the first purchase order is cut, followed by information gathering, registration, qualification and ultimately selection. With our supplier management solutions, the process just got easier – and more automated – than ever, and that means time and cost savings for you. Our complete Total Supplier Manager solution helps users achieve a reduction in risk exposure brought by suppliers, a greater depth of and visibility into supplier data, and consistent and accurate supplier data for supporting sourcing and procurement strategies. Read more below about each of our Supplier Information Management solutions.

Total Supplier Manager:

Total Supplier Manager (TSM) spans the supplier life cycle, providing you with a consolidated web-based repository of your entire supplier base. TSM uses streamlined workflows and process automation along with intelligent questionnaires to guide vendor registration and to ascertain and reduce supplier risk, thus enhancing your sourcing and procurement practices and strategies. TSM also powers supplier diversity programs by delivering complete visibility into local and global diverse and non-diverse suppliers and diversity certificate management.

As part of the SciQuest Source-to-Settle suite, Total Supplier Manager enables you to collect and maintain the supplier information necessary to run more effective eSourcing projects, manage supplier spending, and streamline the Procure-to-Pay process.

Total Supplier Manager gives you:

  • Insight into supplier capabilities and their status in adhering to your business requirements.
  • Elimination of many manual processes for managing the supplier database.
  • Formalized data collection that reduces discrepancies across supplier profiles, consistent, accurate and reliable supplier information when generating reports.
  • Reduction in risk exposure brought by dealing with third-party suppliers.
  • A clear and simple-to-navigate user interface for rapid user training and adoption.

Vendor Onboarding

2nd Tier Spend Reporting

Dynamic Qualification

The Vendor Onboarding module for Total Supplier Manager enhances the supplier information collection effort by automating accounts payable setup for prospect-level and active suppliers, inclusive of W8/9 document collection, TIN matching and A/P approval workflow. Furthermore, the Vendor Onboarding module allows users to run an automated OFAC risk check; it also offers the ability to integrate with the customer’s ERP system for consistent supplier information across the business.

Total Supplier Manager’s 2nd Tier Spend Reporting module supports the management of your diverse vendor program by giving prime vendors access to an online reporting tool for supplying direct, indirect, or project-based sub-spends. What this means for you is the ability to track compliance with second tier spending guidelines and rapid reporting on second tier spending goals.

The Dynamic Qualification & Risk Compliance module for Total Supplier Manager delivers a formalized supplier vetting process via highly configurable survey / questionnaire creation functionality. This module facilitates the evaluation of potential and existing suppliers on various risk-related criteria while collecting associated documentation and certifications. The Dynamic Qualification & Risk Compliance module incorporates upfront regulatory and business process compliance by ensuring current and potential suppliers have the qualifications and resources to meet your specific business needs and expectations.  

Supplier Network

At the heart of our supplier information management solution is the SciQuest Supplier Network. The SciQuest Supplier Network boasts a widespread supplier base that can support any industry and commodity, and provides a single venue for customer-supplier interaction, vendor discovery and supplier profile and catalog management. The best part? It’s a completely free network with no transaction-based or access fees to prevent buyers and suppliers from connecting and getting the maximum benefit from automating the P2P process.

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Connecting TSM to other SciQuest Solutions

Our supplier information management solutions can take your supplier management process to a new level on its own, or you can pair it with one or more of our solutions to drive additional positive impact across your business. Some of the benefits you can expect to realize are:

  • Eliminate duplicate supplier data between Sourcing, Procurement, Contract Management, Diversity, and other business functions.
  • Increase efficiency by working with suppliers that you know - business information has already been collected, verified and approved and fewer (non-qualified) suppliers need to be reviewed.
  • TSM provides a searchable database of approved and potential suppliers easing identification of suppliers to include in RFX events or eProcurement transactions.

Total Supplier Manager and the SciQuest Suite!

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