Total Contract Manager: Contract Management Software

With Total Contract Manager, efficiency and value are in. Volatility and risk are out. It’s contract lifecycle management software that works for you.

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Total Contract Manager

Total Contract Manager is a robust, end-to-end contract management software solution that sets the standard for enterprise contract lifecycle management. Whether you need a fully searchable archive of your executed contracts or a solution for full authoring and automated workflows, Total Contract Manager can meet your organization’s contract needs today and tomorrow.

More than 140 customers across many industries trust our contract management software to:

  • Increase visibility and accessibility to contracts across the entire organization
  • Generate contracts dynamically using approved terms
  • Ensure consistency across contracts
  • Streamline the approvals process
  • Reduce contract lifecycle time thereby increasing sales and/or procurement savings
  • Eliminate paper and SharePoint files
  • Mitigate legal and regulatory risk

Total Contract Manager allows you to get business unit users, procurement, IT and finance in the same virtual room during the contracting process. That means less volatility and risk – and more efficiency and value.

Take an Incremental Approach When Rolling Out Contract Management Software

Manage the Full Contract Lifecycle

CLM, by definition, is about managing the lifecycle of your contract - from initiation through approval and execution. But it doesn’t end there. contract lifecycle management also includes post contract management activities like measuring performance of the contract and alerting the appropriate people for expirations and renewals, as well as the ability to search and find any contract at any time for any reason and to report on all aspects of your contracts.