SciQuest Supplier Network

At the heart of SciQuest’s supplier enablement function is the SciQuest Supplier Network – the network with no transaction fees! Our network of 150,000+ active, unique suppliers can support any industry and commodity.

A critical mass of suppliers in one centralized, global hub provides our customers with one place to interact with all of their suppliers, more choice and less frustration for end users, a central place for suppliers to manage their own business information ensuring it’s up-to-date and accurate, and  more targeted spend for procurement professionals. 

Our Supplier Network Services project managers bring extensive experience and technical knowledge to help customers and suppliers connect easily and rapidly. So you can get a rich set of catalogs and technical integrations at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

With SciQuest Managed Network Services, you can outsource the day-to-day burden of supplier enablement and focus on strategic procurement initiatives, like preferred supplier positioning, contract management and supplier sourcing. But you still maintain full control over product, price and service from your suppliers.

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  • Speed to market for enablements.
  • A proven method of success.
  • Technical enablement support.
  • Easy yet powerful tools.
  • The SciQuest Supplier Portal – free to suppliers, this is their main gateway into the SciQuest eProcurement solution
  • The Content Management Tool required for managing hosted catalogs with educational materials, standards documentation, etc.
  • Technical Integration Handbooks for implementing the cXML – standard integrations for punch-out, orders and invoices
  • Technical specifications
  • A supplier knowledge base
  • Written test scenarios
  • Online training on integrations and catalog management
  • Best Practices – key learnings for the benefit of customers and suppliers


  • Manage supplier enablement projects following a proven, agile methodology; working collaboratively with both customers and suppliers.
  • Assist suppliers in using the SciQuest Supplier Portal, our tool for rapid data transfer and updates to catalog content.
  • Process and maintain catalog content and pricing for suppliers, if needed.
  • Validate catalog content for improved search results and reporting.
  • Work directly with suppliers to address technical challenges such as formatting, electronic connections and testing.
  • Test all supplier connections and catalogs before going live.
  • Ensure up-to-date content and pricing from suppliers participating in the SciQuest Science Catalog with communications and update campaigns.
  • Train suppliers in e-sourcing and educate new suppliers on the value of participating in the SciQuest Supplier Network.
  • Improve supplier relationships by visiting suppliers’ sites and hosting suppliers at SciQuest events.


  • The SciQuest Supplier Network has no transaction fees!
  • Unique to SciQuest, we provide free one-on-one supplier technical support and education. This intense support is tailored to both the large and the small supplier to ensure success for all our customers.
  • SciQuest’s Supplier Network Services team works closely with the supplier’s technical resources to load their catalog data and ensure successful enablement. SciQuest manages the entire process on behalf of customers from initial enablement, to day-to-day monitoring, to ongoing content and pricing updates. These services are particularly helpful in encouraging the participation of new and smaller suppliers.
  • Suppliers are not charged a participation fee or a transactional fee for trading with their customers. In SciQuest’s experience, this arrangement makes suppliers more willing to participate in the customer’s solution.