SciQuest Sourcing Director

SciQuest Sourcing Director is an on-demand eSourcing and bid management solution that helps you achieve significant process efficiencies and cost savings over traditional paper- and spreadsheet-based bid collection and evaluation processes. By automating the entire bid process from start to finish with SciQuest Sourcing Director, you will be done in days instead of weeks.

This strategic sourcing management solution delivers a controlled, consistent process that streamlines sourcing activities across your organization for the goods and services necessary for business operations. With configurable sourcing templates (for RFI, RFQ, RFP, sealed envelope bids, and informal quotes), guided workflow and approvals, and user-specific roles and permissions, organizations can ensure standard practices that enforce your policies, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the eSourcing process for professional and non-professional buyers alike.

SciQuest Sourcing Director provides a highly efficient sourcing management process for creating, issuing and managing bid requests, supplier response submissions and bid awards. The user friendly and very flexible sourcing software environment is proven in both large global environments and small organizations.

For your spend categories that are larger in scale, would benefit from the collection of multiple price and non-price elements from suppliers, or have more complex award decision criteria to evaluate, SciQuest brings you our Advanced Sourcing Optimizer.

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Streamline Sourcing Activities with SciQuest Sourcing Director

  • Save time and money by automating the bid process
  • Increase sourcing effectiveness by being able to bid more often and efficiently
  • Ensure bid process consistency with project templates, workflows and approvals
  • Improve communications with suppliers and team members
  • RFx Management - Manage and expedite the bid creation process for RFIs, RFQs and RFPs - all from a single platform - including configured templates and standard libraries.
  • Sourcing Dashboard - Access event information, including active event status and upcoming events, for greater visibility into esourcing coverage, progress and pipeline.
  • Supplier Portal - Provide self-service access for suppliers to register for and view events, enter responses, review award decisions and manage their own profiles. Our intuitive, Web-based interface reduces administrative overhead for your purchasing personnel. Integration with Total Supplier Manager improves the entire supplier management lifecycle.
  • Analyze Events - Easily graph and highlight key event information, including supplier responses and bids.

SciQuest Sourcing Director is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. It is accessed by customer users (buyers) as well as participating bidders (suppliers) on the Internet via a Web browser. SciQuest hosts at a secure location and there is no software that is installed at the client location.