eSourcing & Procurement Resource Center

Strategic sourcing teams and procurement leaders should be focused on driving measurable results through the use of an eSourcing solution – and it’s often more than just a "return on investment" measure. Customers should evaluate how the use of technology takes sourcing strategy and impact to the next level, as compared to the use of other practices. There are extensive eSourcing benefits achieved through SciQuest’s solution approach.

Working with SciQuest’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer, our customers report results in the following areas:

Identify Net-New Sourcing Savings Increase Supplier Competitiveness

Find greater savings in spend categories historically sourced in other eSourcing tools – ranging from 5-20% typical average new savings. Some customers have reported even more!

For both incumbent and potential new suppliers, improve negotiations through the use of ASO’s Expressive Bidding© and Expressive Feedback features.

Speed the Time-to-Market for Sourcing Events Spend More Time on "Strategy"

Save an average of 20-50% in time savings over prior project timeframes, an estimate based on our customers’ reported results. These sourcing cycle improvements are due to efficiencies in bid data collection and bid data analysis.

Spend less time on tedious, time-consuming data tasks and more time on strategic planning and analysis of your overall sourcing event, by using SciQuest ASO to make it easier and faster to collect extensive supplier bid information and to conduct robust sourcing scenario analysis. Plus, integrate sourcing data with Spend Analytics.

Reduce Savings Leakage Optimize Your Supplier Network

SciQuest ASO makes it easier to get buy-in from stakeholders through rapid bid analysis and award scenario comparisons, so that everyone gets visibility into the best decision for the business. Improve the source-to-contract process through integration with Contract Management.

By collecting and analyzing comprehensive data about suppliers, determine the right balance between incumbents vs. new suppliers and the right supplier mix for items and locations involved in your sourcing events. This supports your Supply Chain Management strategy.