Restaurant Industry Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Restaurant procurement and the need for a flexible, scalable bidding and analytical sourcing solution

Basic eSourcing technology is proving ineffective in the restaurant procurement landscape. With a seemingly endless mix of food ingredients, packaging, disposables, transportation and distribution services to manage, analyze and implement, most basic sourcing solutions lack the bidding capabilities and scalability needed to adequately address this wide array of spend categories.

An advanced sourcing solution for strategic restaurant procurement

SciQuest’s advanced restaurant sourcing solution picks up where other general procurement and basic eSourcing tools fall short. Used by 12 of the world’s top restaurant chain brands, the SciQuest solution will help deliver a scalable and powerful restaurant sourcing approach – resulting in:

  • Greater savings opportunities through spend aggregation and Sourcing Optimization
  • Supply chain innovations through our collaborative Expressive Bidding process with suppliers and transportation carriers
  • Productivity gains and more time for strategy thanks to solution-enabled efficiencies
  • Increased spend under management by addressing challenging spend categories

How we solve the sourcing and supply chain challenges of the restaurant industry

Having helped solve the sourcing and supply chain challenges of some of the world’s leading restaurant chains, SciQuest has come to recognize a number of common complexities that are shared across the industry:

  • Menu Diversification and Margin Competition
  • Price and Cost Management Pressures
  • Supply Chain Transportation Complexities and Risks
  • Supplier Diversity

Today’s restaurant sourcing and supply chain teams need solutions designed with best practices, flexibility, scalability, analytical power, and ease of use in mind.