Food & Beverage Industry Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Ensuring freshness, quality and consistency is critical to your sourcing strategy

In the food and beverage industry, your procurement strategy and sourcing solutions are directly tied to your success. Without the ability to analyze, implement and manage that perfect blend of suppliers, your ability to ensure freshness, quality and consistency can be negatively impacted. Throw in the challenge of securing carriers with the right equipment and experience to move large volumes, even during seasonal spikes, and you could be asking for more than the traditional sourcing solution can deliver.

Improving sourcing across the food & beverage supply chain

Seventeen of the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers turn to SciQuest for an improved eSourcing solution. Supporting your procurement teams with a robust sourcing approach, SciQuest’s Food and Beverage Sourcing Solution delivers where those other general-purpose procurement tools fall short. The result is a flexible, scalable and powerful sourcing strategy that offers:

  • Greater savings opportunities through spend aggregation and cost driver optimization
  • Supply chain innovations through a collaborative bidding process with suppliers and transportation carriers
  • Productivity gains and more time for strategy thanks to product-enabled efficiencies
  • Increased spend under management by addressing challenging spend categories

How we solve the challenges of the food and beverage industry

Having delivered strategic sourcing solutions to some of the largest global food and beverage manufacturers, SciQuest has come to recognize the unique challenges that face the food and beverage industry. From fluctuating supply chain pricing to the challenge of maintaining quality, freshness and safety, there are any number of variables to address:

  • Product freshness, safety, and sustainability
  • Seasonality and spikes in consumer demands
  • Centralized sourcing and operational efficiency
  • Cost management and commodity pricing