Manufacturing and Retail Supply Chains Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Cost-effective sourcing solutions for direct materials, indirect materials, services, transportation and packaging spend

SciQuest’s strategic eSourcing solutions are relied upon by many of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers across a range of supply chain-based industries. Those companies use our technology and expertise to help with cost-effective, collaborative sourcing of direct materials, indirect materials, services, transportation and packaging spend categories.

We Deliver Our Strategic Sourcing Solution to Key Industries Including:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Manufacturing

    Five of the 12 largest fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing companies in the world use SciQuest, along with numerous other consumer durables manufacturers, to increase centralization and management of enterprise-wide spends, support sustainable sourcing strategies, manage total supply chain costs, and reduce the cost of goods sold.

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing

    Seventeen of the world’s largest Food and Beverage companies turn to SciQuest's sourcing solutions to improve carrier negotiations for complex transportation and to better collaborate with suppliers on ingredients procurement, packaging materials sourcing, and sustainable sourcing initiatives to meet product and supply chain goals and to reduce risk.

  • Retail

    SciQuest is used by 8 of the Top 20 U.S. retailers and 18 of the Top 200 global retailers for driving significant improvements in non-merchandising procurement. SciQuest’s retail sourcing solution supports the supply chain’s needs for managing complex and seasonal transportation requirements, aggregating store facility services and materials spends, and optimizing the right mix of large and smaller, regional suppliers through collaborative bidding.

  • Restaurants

    Whether your restaurant stores are Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), fast casual, casual, or a mix, large restaurant chains and their purchasing teams face the ongoing challenges of sourcing in a low-margin, rising cost, and finicky consumer demand market. SciQuest has been used to successfully source ingredients, packaging products, restaurant equipment, transportation services, and more by 10 of the leading global restaurant chains.

  • Other Manufacturing

    For a wide range of manufacturing companies – including Pharmaceuticals, Heavy and Industrial Equipment, High-Tech and Telecommunications, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, Agribusiness, and more – SciQuest consistently delivers the leading transportation procurement solution for tackling these complex supply chains, while also improving sourcing results in packaging, facilities services, and materials spends.