SciQuest Supplies Manager

SciQuest Supplies Manager allows your organization to streamline all inventory management processes related to internal order fulfillment. Now you can manage multiple stockrooms using a simple, single inventory tracking application that is fully integrated with our eProcurement software application, providing a unified inventory management system for all internal and external goods and ordering.

The SciQuest Supplies Manager is ideal in situations where:

  • Multiple stockrooms need to be managed.
  • Organizations have a lot of vendor-managed inventory.
  • Multiple inventory management software programs are being used.
  • There is a need to integrate inventory items into the organization’s procurement system.

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  • Eliminates separate processes for ordering goods from on-site stockrooms and stores, lowering operating costs while improving service to end users.
  • Enhanced user experience increases visibility and simplifies ordering.
  • Promotes internal inventories above external vendors, creating efficiencies and increasing on-contract spending through inventory management.