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Our Partners

Our platform ERP partners provide a financial foundation for customer accounts. Together with SciQuest’s strategic procurement software, ERP customers gain the advantage of robust supplier content and connectivity that delivers a high return on ERP investment. Sound architecture, established integration protocols and planned product roadmaps are customer benefits of the SciQuest and ERP Partner relationship.


SciQuest and its partners provide customers with a comprehensive approach to their procure-to-pay needs. Our consultant partners are a network of consulting firms or boutiques that specializes in procurement consulting and complementary services including strategic sourcing, operational transformation, procurement optimization and technology evaluations. Consultancy partners commit time and resources to fully understand SciQuest software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings and business benefits.

Consortia and GPO

Our buying consortium partners are associations or groups that orchestrate group purchasing contracts on behalf of their members with a common set of purchasing needs, suppliers, goods or services. These consortia leverage their SciQuest relationship to offer a more strategic procurement environment to the members of their associations. When consortium pricing is enabled through the SciQuest solution, customer spending with vendors contracted through the buying consortia increases while the end customers experienced buying power and significant cost savings. SciQuest’s market presence and customer base increase proportionally.