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Total Contract Manager

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Total Contract Manager is a contract lifecycle management software solution that is designed to improve the contracting process and sets the standard for enterprise contract management software best practices. With over 130 customers across many industries, SciQuest’s Total Contract Manager helps organizations increase visibility into every aspect of their contracts, reduce manual touch-points throughout the lifecycle of the contracts, and mitigate the exposure to legal and regulatory risk. Total Contract Manager enables organizations to truly manage the complete lifecycle of their contracts.



  • Increase visibility and accessibility to contracts across the entire organization
  • Generate contracts dynamically using approved terms
  • Ensure consistency across contracts
  • Streamline the approvals process
  • Reduce cycle time thereby increasing sales and/or procurement savings
  • Eliminate paper and SharePoint files
  • Mitigate legal and regulatory risk
  • Advanced user-configurable contract management software interface enables rapid user adoption while robust security features ensure contract lifecycle management information and functions are granted only to the appropriate people
  • Total Contract Manager’s ‘Smart Templates’ and advanced document hierarchy technologies simplify management of contracts across the enterprise
  • Native integration with Microsoft Word via an Office Store App that requires a zero-footprint solution that plugins cannot provide.
  • Highly configurable workflow engine that dynamically routes agreements to the right internal reviewer or approver based on a comprehensive set of contract variables, including monetary value, type, commodity, and risk level
  • Flexible reporting capabilities provide easy access to the contract portfolio, in depth insight into upcoming events and superior management control
  • Contract management functions, including event, compliance, performance and delivery, assessment and management, maximize the value of business agreements through the entire lifecycle
  • Standard integration allows you to create contracts directly from the Sales Opportunity with one click

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