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Accounts Payable Director

Automate Invoice Receipt, Matching, & Approval

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Accounts Payable Software

SciQuest Accounts Payable Director offers best-in-class Accounts Payable software that can reduce invoice processing costs and maximize discount opportunities by streamlining the entire AP process.  AP Director is designed to make accounts payable truly strategic, and can be easily integrated with your existing financial systems or is available as part of SciQuest’s complete procure-to-pay suite.



  • Maximize Your Cash, Savings & Bottom Line with Accounts Payable Automation Software
    • Reduce invoice processing errors, costs & cycle times
    • Eliminate late payment penalties, duplicate payments or overpayments
    • Realize prompt payment discounts
  • Accelerate Processing Times and the Receipt Of Invoices, Goods & Services
    • Managed supplier network to maximize eInvoicing adoption
    • Decrease processing times and increase matching accuracy with Purchase Order-to-Invoicing Flip
    • Capture and convert paper invoices (in-house or using SciQuest Digital Mailroom)
    • Comprehensive receipt management & reminders
  • Streamline Supplier Management & Onboarding
    • Self-service supplier registration & management
    • Automated W-9 collection
    • Supplier invoicing portal
    • Accurately calculate and manage taxes
  • Seamless Integration for Greater Efficiency
    • Easily integrate with SciQuest’s eProcurement, supplier and contract management offerings
  • Electronic “touchless” invoicing through cXML or EDI eInvoicing, portal invoicing and SciQuest’s Digital Mailroom offering;
  • Automated, intuitive receiving to minimize the risk of goods not received, damaged or returned.
  • Support for international currencies per organization, business unit, and/or individual suppliers;
  • Flexible two-way or three-way matching highly customizable to the organization’s business requirements;
  • Accelerated invoice approval built on SciQuest’s Advanced Dynamic Workflow technology;
  • Built-in reports to help AP processed and AP managers review, analyze and manage invoice exceptions and performance.

SciQuest Digital Mailroom

The SciQuest Digital Mailroom is an add-on solution to AP Director that allows your organization to outsource the receipt, sorting, scanning and data entry of all paper, email and fax invoices.  Suppliers send their invoices to a “lockbox” (supporting both paper and electronic documents) where invoices are processed and converted into images and electronic data for seamless import into AP Director.

Accounts Payable Director and the SciQuest Suite!

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