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Power of Q

Our Quest: Customer Success

The Power of Q is our focus on putting the customer at the center of everything we do in the procure-to-pay technology industry. It empowers our customers to ask the tough questions to ensure they get the most from their cloud-based business automation software solution. It’s a commitment to giving you more than a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) procure-to-pay solution; We develop strategic partnerships with our customers to help them achieve real dollar savings and reach their strategic potential. Q is part of the customer success framework that sets us apart from every other SaaS company. Only SciQuest delivers Q with a unique combination of our people, collaborative approach to technology, and proven results. Get the Power of Q. Turn spending into savings. Contribute to the bottom line.

We are an industry leader.

The largest public provider of spend management with deep domain knowledge and a solid, customer-driven portfolio.

We are customer-driven.

Customer collaboration is at the core of SciQuest’s innovation and robust, growing solution offering.

We are a committed partner.

Proven results and timely software updates are the basis for industry-leading customer satisfaction and customer renewal.